​​Gollnick & Sons Tree Service

Wood Chips

If you are interested in receiving wood chips, please contact us to be added to our list.  We will contact you when we have a job in your area to arrange a time/place to drop the chips.  Typically a load of wood chips is about 12-15 yards.  Please use the contact form on the 'Contact Us' page.


Face Chord:
(8' wide x 4' high, 16"-18" deep)   Mixed hardwood - $100

Full Chord:
(8' wide x 4' high, 4' deep)
Mixed hardwood - $300

We deliver all firewood orders.

Wood Processing:  If we remove your trees we can also process your trees into firewood.

Cabling and Support Systems

Cabling is an effective way to help reduce the risk of a tree or part of a tree from failing. It can be used to help support a damaged or defective part of a tree with high strength cable and/or types of supportive hardware.

Cabling is very helpful in trees that have included bark/poor branch unions such as freeman maples. It can be used as a way to add additional strength and support to a tree which will allow it to be around longer for you to enjoy.

Zimmerman Borer & Needle Cast

Evergreens are susceptible to disease just like other trees.  Preventative treatments are done in 2 Applications per year.  If you think your Evergreens aren't as healthy as they should be, please Call or Email us.

Deep Root Fertilization

Our trees need nutrients, just like we need vitamins.  If your trees are looking a little down, perhaps they just need a good dose of nutrients.  Annual Deep Root Fertilization helps trees grow strong and stay healthy. 

Lawn Health Care

Our full lawn care program consists of 5 applications per year.  Beginning in early Spring, to prevent dandelions, continuing during summer months to fertilize and prevent weeds, and ending in Late Fall to protect for the winter.

Plant Health Care (PHC), Tree Services, Wood Chips, Firewood and Snow Removal

Finished Live Edge

Sample of Ash live edge slab.

Live Edge Wood Slabs

We offer a variety of Live Edge wood slabs.  Ash, Black Walnut, Butternut, Hickory, Locust, Maple, Sugar Maple & White Cedar.  They are available in a range of sizes from 8" to 27" wide and 6 feet to 14 feet long.  They are raw - ready for you to put the finishing touches on.  Great for a One-Of-A-Kind top for a table, desk, bar or bench.

Snow Removal

We do snow removal for Commercial properties.  Our plowing areas include Cedarburg and Grafton. Contact us for an estimate to confirm that your driveway/parking lot can be cleared with a plow and to receive a pricing estimate.

Tree Removal

Our staff is trained to remove all types and sizes of trees no matter where it is located. We practice and use the most cutting edge techniques to quickly and effectively remove your trees. We also have the equipment to remove your trees and make it look as if the tree and we were never there. From AlturnMATS that allow us to drive almost anywhere to the latest rigging devices and the most ground friendly equipment to quickly and effectively remove wood from the job site.

Tree Pruning

We offer a wide variety of pruning options for proper tree maintenance and health of the tree, using the latest industry standards.

-Deadwood removal
-Tree restoration after storm damage
-roof/building clearance
-crown reductions
-tip weight reduction
-structural pruning/young tree training -crown raising

Stump Grinding

We grind stumps for trees we remove, as well as any existing stumps you may have.  Gollnick & sons will contact Diggers Hotline before doing the work.  We have the latest equipment to grind the stump and clean up the excess grindings.  You have the option to have the grindings removed, or simply have a rough grade done, if you wish to keep the grindings.

Lot Clearing

We offer lot clearing services for new home lots, commercial clearings, and lot restoration.  Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your details and develop a plan for your project.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Let us help you save your Ash trees. Soil Injection and Trunk Injection are two ways you can protect your trees.  Both treatments are done just once per year.  Call or Email us for a Free Estimate.  

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